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Describing Sagittarius…..Revamped.

Zodiac signs and mental disorders
  • Aries: oppositional defiant disorder (confrontational, aggressive and temperamental, also some have amnesia)
  • Taurus: Eating disorder (Binge eat) / binge disorder (characterized as going through periods of excessive amounts of eating, rest, sex, drinking, other indulgences, and focusing on physical pleasures to cope with stress)
  • Gemini: Multiple personality disorder (Relying on various separate and unaffiliated personalities to protect oneself)
  • Cancer: Cyclothymia (Mood swings, depression/depressive thoughts, extreme high and lows when it comes to their mood)
  • Leo: Histrionic disorder (pervasive attention-seeking behavior including inappropriate sexual seductiveness and shallow or exaggerated emotions)
  • Virgo: Obsessive Compulsive disorder (involves an obsession with ideas, perfection, cleanliness, and organization)
  • Libra: Dependent personality (Feeling incomplete without a partner, having trouble making own decisions without being in a whole/complete relationship, depending on relationships and having trouble being alone)
  • Scorpio: Bipolar Disorder (episodes of abnormally elevated energy levels, and features of both mania and depression, can be extremely sexually promiscuous and violent)
  • Sagittarius: ADHD (Easily bored, trouble consentrating, restless) (I read on Astrolocherry that they in their later years are more prone to "dissociative fugue" (?), and she says: "Sagittarius can easily change job, home, family etc; sporadically and have no explanation for it")
  • Capricorn: Depression/anxiety (Stress related to high expectations of themselves. Easily starts to overthink situations causing them to be depressed and feeling like they never reach the goal they want. Stupid saturn)
  • Aquarius: Schitzotypal (characterized by odd appearance, behavior that is odd, eccentric, or peculiar, emotionally distant, people with it attempt to shock others with radical topics or actions)
  • Pisces: Avoidant Personality disorder (social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation, relying on others opinions for guidance or co-dependency, avoiding stressful situations) or psychosis (They are often detached from the reality, especially when they get stressed or are in uncomfortable situations)
Moon in Pisces


People with their Moon in Pisces are sensitive, soft hearted, idealistic, caring and very emotionally open. Pisces Moons have got big hearts and genuinely care for others and they reach out to anyone that needs their help. They can often have strong psychic abilities and are in touch with another…



Moon in Pisces advice.


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